How to Find the Best Service Provider for Your Business?

By Tom WeissSeptember 26, 2019

SaaS service providers in the tax industry vary widely with regards to what exactly they offer and at various price points. It is common that most service providers require long-term commitments with expensive and complicated yearly pricing agreements .

It is also common that most service providers offer the luxury setup, which often times come with unwanted or unnecessary complexities for your particular business environment.

It is therefore strongly advisable to do your homework first and compare different solution providers to avoid paying for an enterprise grade solution if not absolutely required.

Ensure to test out your provider first through a free plan.

Ideally your provider offers different tier levels so that you can buy into the volume tier suitable to your business – not suitable to the provider. Lastly, look out for flexible service plans, which you can cancel on a monthly basis if your business needs change.

Don’t lock yourself into a multi-year long commitment and stay agile to ensure that your service provider aligns with your business needs and not the other way around.

The best way to minimize your tax obligation is to ensure you collect and validate all of your tax exemption certificates accurately and renew them on time. Consider partnering up with a tax service provider who fits your business needs in terms of usability, cost and commitment.

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